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PM103MOOLOO   1 x 3 PIN Cable Connector
PM103MRALHB   1 x 3 PIN Right Andle PCB Solder
1332-BK   15amp contact closed barrel
1339G2   16mm cont SBS50 low detent
PM103FOOLOO   1x3 Female Cable Connector
PM103FRAHLHB   1x3 Female Right Angle PCM Solder
PM103FBALST   1x3 Female Straight PCB Solder
PM103MBALST   1x3 PIN Straight PCB Solder
PM104FOOLOO   1x4 Female Cable Connector
PM104FRALHB   1x4 Female Right Angle PCB Solder
PM104FBALST   1x4 Female Straight PCB Solder
PM104MRALHB   1x4 PIN Right Angle PCB Solder
PM104MBALST   1x4 PIN Straight PCB Solder
PM206FOOLOO   2x3 Female Cable Connector
PM206FRALHB   2x3 Female Right Angle PCB Solder
PM206FBALST   2x3 Female Straight PCB Solder
PM206MOOLOO   2x3 Male Cable Connector
PM206MRALHB   2x3 Male Right Angle PCB Solder
PM206MBALST   2x3 Male Straight PCB Solder
PM208FOOLOO   2x4 Female Cable Connector
PM208FRALHB   2x4 Female Right Angle PCB Solder
PM208FBALST   2x4 Female Straight PCB Solder
PM208MOOLOO   2x4 Male Cable Connector
PM208MRALHB   2x4 Male Right Angle PCB Solder
PM208MBALST   2x4 Male Straight PCB Solder
PM212FOOLOO   2x6 Female Cable Connector
PM212FRALHB   2x6 Female Right Angle PCB Solder
PM212FBALST   2x6 Female Straight PCB Solder
PM212MOOLOO   2x6 Male Cable Connector
PM212MBALST   2x6 Male Straight PCB Solder
PM212MRALHB   2x8 Male Right Angle PCB Solder
PM330FOOLOO   3x10 Female Cable Connector
PM330FRALHB   3x10 Female Right Angle PCB Solder
PM330FBALST   3x10 Female Straight PCB Solder
PM330MRALHB   3x10 Male Right Angle PCB Solder
PM309FOOLOO   3x3 Female Cable Connector
PM309FRALHB   3x3 Female Right Angle PCB Solder
PM309FBALST   3x3 Female Straight PCB Solder
PM309MOOLOO   3x3 Male Cable Connector
PM309MRALHB   3x3 Male Right Angle PCB Solder
PM312FOOLOO   3x4 Female Cable Connector
PM312FRALHB   3x4 Female Right Angle PCB Solder
PM312FBALST   3x4 Female Straight PCB Solder
PM312MOOLOO   3x4 Male Cable Connector
PM312MRALHB   3x4 Male Right Able PCB Solder
PM324FOOLOO   3x8 Female Cable Connector
PM324FRALHB   3x8 Female Right Angle PCB Solder
PM324FBALST   3x8 Female Straight PCB Solder
PM324MOOLOO   3x8 Male Cable Connector
PM324MRALHB   3x8 Male Right Angle PCB Solder
PM324MBALST   3x8 Male Straight PCB Solder
1454G3-BLD   8-Pole complete hdwe pak
1454G2-BLD   8-Pole complete Hdwe Pak no latch
995G3-BLD   A Frame HDL SB/SBX 175 Red
995G1-BLD   A frame hdl SB/SBX175-Gray
995G2-BLD   A frame Hdl SBE/X 350 Gray
995G4-BLD   A Frame HDL SBE/X 350 Red
50sealer boot   Cable end sealer
1339G1-BK   Contact, crimp 6 AWG, high drt
1309G3   Crimp tool for 45amp contacts
1309G5   Crimper superflex
1441G1   Female boot
1309G6   Frame/Die/Loc. Superflex Cont.
1200G1-BLD   Green male plug with 10amp contact
1317G13   HD PCB Cnt straight 1.11
1327G7FP-BK   Hsg & SP PP30 Fing.Prf. Wht
1327G8FP-BK   Hsg & SP PP30 Fing.Prf.Blue
1327G6FP-BK   Hsg/SP PP15/45 Fing Prf Blk
1327FP-BK   Hsg/Sp PP15/45 Fing Prf red
1442G1   male boot
PM216MOOLCH   PM 2X8Pin Cable Conn w/Clam Shell Hood & Strain Relief
PM312MOOLCH   PM 3X4PIN Cable Conn w/Clam Shell Hood & Strain Relief
PM318MOOLCH   PM 3X6 PIN Cable Conn w/Clam Shell Hood & Strain Relief
PM324MOOLCH   PM 3X8 Pin Cable Conn w/Clam Shell Hood & Strain Relief
PM16P1620S30   PM Pin AWG20-16 AU.25 STD Lgh 7.7mm .295/50
PM16S1620S32   PM Socket AWG 20-16 Au.75
PM104MOOLOO   PowerMod 1x4 Pin conn no mtging
PM216FOOLCH   PowerMod 2X16 Female conn w/clam shell hood
PM324FOOLCH   PowerMod 3x24FEMALE cable connector w/clam shell hood
PM324MOOLSC   PowerMod 3x24PIN cable connector- Panel Screw
PM16P12S30   PowerMod Pin AWG 12 Au.25 Standard Length 7.7mm 500 pc min
PM16S12S30   PowerMod Socket AWG 12 Au. 75
1452G1-BLD   Powerpole-Pak Snap-in recept complete
110G17   PP 15/45-Retaining Pin- 2+ High
115G1-BK   PP 2-4 Hdwe Kit
1377G1-BK   PP 25 Contact Right Angle .700 (bags of 100)
115G2-BK   PP Pak 5-6P Hdwe Pak Cable
115G3-BK   PP Pak 7-8P Hdwe Pak-Cable
1450G2-BLD   PP Pak-2P Plug No Latch
1450G1-BLD   PP Pak-2P Snap-in Receptacle
1453G2   PP Pak-6Plug No Latch
1453G3-BLD   PP Pak-6Plug with latch
115G4-BK   PP Pak-9-10P Cable Clamp
1203G1   PP10 Pin Cnt #14-16AWG- Loose
1205G1-BK   PP10-Pin Hsg-Green
1204G1-BK   PP10-SKT Hsg- Green
1202G1   PP10-SKT-#14-16AWG-LOOSE
1320G3-BLD   PP120 Connector Red 2 awg
1320-BLD1   PP120 Connector Blue 2 awg
1320G4-BLD   PP120 Connector Green 2 awg
1320G2-BLD   PP120 Connector White 2 awg
1320G1-BLD   PP120 Connector Black 2 awg.
110G20   PP120 Retaining pin-2 Rows
1319G4-BK   PP120-Cnt-#4 Awg
1319-BK   PP120-cnt-2Awg
1321G1-BK   PP120-Hsg-Black
1321-BK   PP120-Hsg-Blue
1321G4-BK   PP120-HSG-GREEN
1321G3-BK   PP120-Hsg-Red
1321G2-BK   PP120-Hsg-White
1395G4-BLD   PP15 connector blue 16/20 awg
1395G10-BLD   PP15 connector purple 16/20
1395G1-BLD   PP15 connector black 16/20 awg
1395G8-BLD   PP15 connector brown 16/20 awg
1395G3-BLD   PP15 connector green 16/20 awg
1395G7-BLD   PP15 connector grey 16/20 awg
1395G6-BLD   PP15 connector orange 16/20 awg
1395-BLD   PP15 connector red 16/20 awg
1395G2-BLD   PP15 connector white 16/20 awg
1395G5-BLD   PP15 connector yellow 16/20 awg
1309G2   PP15 crimping tool 12/20 awg
110G19   PP15/120/180 Retaining Pin
110G16.125G1   PP15/30 retaining pin-1High
1327G6-BK   PP15/30/45 Black Housing
1327G8-BK   PP15/30/45 Blue Housing
1327G21-BK   PP15/30/45 Brown Housing
1327G22-BK   PP15/30/45 Pink Housing
1327G23-BK   PP15/30/45 Purple Housing
1327-BK   PP15/30/45 Red Housing
1327G7-BK   PP15/30/45 White Housing
1327G16-BK   PP15/30/45 Yellow Housing
111038G2   PP15/30/45 contact insertion/extraction tool
1327G18-BK   PP15/30/45 Gray Housing
1327G5-BK   PP15/30/45 Green Housing
1327G17-BK   PP15/30/45 Orange Housing
110G68-BK   PP15/30/45 retention clip
1399G9   PP15/45 Mntg Wing-Red
110G21-BLD   PP15/45-2P Blok-Lok-short
1327G5FP-BK   PP15/45-Hsg Green
110G16   PP15/45-Retaining pin-1 high
1380G1-BLD   PP180 Connector Black 1/0
1381G1-BK   PP180 Black Housing
1381-BK   PP180 Blue Housing
1380-BLD   PP180 Connector Blue 1/0
1380G4-BLD   PP180 Connector Green 1/0
1380G3-BLD   PP180 Connector Red 1/0
1380G2-BLD   PP180 Connector White 1/0
1381G4-BK   PP180 Green Housing
1381G3-BK   PP180 Red Housing
1381G2-BK   PP180-Hsg-White
1383-BK   PP180/SB175 Contact #2AWG
1384-BK   PP180/SB175 Contact #4 awg
1382-BK   PP180/SB175 Contact 1/0
1377G2-BK   PP25-CNT-RIGHT ANGLE .400
1377G4-BK   PP25-Cnt-Straight term. 1.7 in.(Increments of 100 min)
1377G3-BK   PP25-Cnt-Straight Term. 2.16in ( Increments of 100 min)
1330G4-BLD   PP30 connector black 12/16 awg
1330G15-BLD   PP30 connector brown 12/16 awg
1330G14-BLD   PP30 connector Gray 12/16 awg
1330G2-BLD   PP30 connector green 12/16 awg
1330G5-BLD   PP30 connector white 12/16 awg
1331-BK   PP30 Cnt 12-16-Loose
1330G12-BLD   PP30 connector blue 12/16 awg
1330G13-BLD   PP30 connector orange 12/16 awg
1330-BLD   PP30 connector red 12/16 awg
1330G11-BLD   PP30 Connector yellow 12/16 awg
1345G16-BLD   PP45 Connector Yellow 10/14 awg
113868P1.261G2-LPBK   PP45 Cnt 10-14 Awg-Loose
1345G8-BLD   PP45 Connector Blue 10/14 awg
1345G6-BLD   PP45 Connector Black 10/14 awg
1345G21-BLD   PP45 Connector Brown 10/14 awg
1345G18-BLD   PP45 Connector Gray 10/14 awg
1345G5-BLD   PP45 Connector Green 10/14 awg
1345G17-BLD   PP45 Connector Orange 10/14 awg
1345-BLD   PP45 Connector Red 10/14 awg
1345G7-BLD   PP45 Connector White 10/14 awg
1337G1   PP45 Right angle Contact Hori top
1336G1   PP45 right angle contact horiz Bottom
1335G1   PP45 Straight PCB Contact
1300G4-BLD1   PP75 Connector Black 6 awg
1300-BLD   PP75 Connector Blue 6 awg
1300G2-BLD   PP75 Connector Green 6 awg
1300G3-BLD   PP75 Connector Red 6 awg
1300G5-BLD   PP75 Connector White 6 awg
1399G7   PP75 Genderless Mtng wing blue
1307-BK   PP75-CNT-#6 low detent
5916G4-BK   PP75-Hsg Black
5916G7-BK   PP75-Hsg Red
5916-BK   PP75-Hsg-Blue
5916G6-BK   PP75-Hsg-Green
5916G5-BK   PP75-Hsg-White
110G18   PP75/180 RETAINING PIN
1309G4   PP75/SB 50 crimper #6/12
110G9-BK   PPPak Retaining Pin

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